CodeRage 2018 – 4-6 December 2018

CodeRage 2018 is just around the corner!



The complete schedule:

This CodeRage I’m showing you how to build microservices and how to consume them from desktop, Android mobile and using a HTML / JavaScript web app. The web app uses TMS WebCore and PAS2JS, but goes beyond basic coding as it also shows you how to convert the web app to a Progressive Web App, or PWA for short

The boilerplate code is of course available for download, please use it to jump start your own software.

Oh, and the nice thing about PWA, an Android device will offer the user the option to install the web app as an actual app with an icon on the start screen. Good stuff!

Register here, it’s free but infinite value for money:

Nick and DavidI have new jobs

As DavidI leaves Embarcadero to start working at Evens Data, Nick Hodges joins the Embarcadero team.

@DavidI, congratulations on your new job as Vice President of Developer Communities at Evans Data. I will miss having you on the Delphi and C++ Builder team. You can see a video of DavidI talking about developer relations on this page.

@Nick Hodges, congratulations on your new job as Product Management Lead at Embarcadero. Welcome back!

Embarcadero MVP

Embarcadero is gestart met een MVP programma. MVP staat voor een groep enthousiaste professionals die de community kent “and does great stuff for everyone’s benefit”. Zie: Ik was blij verrast hiervoor uitgenodigd te worden. Voor jullie betekent het dat je de MVP’s in je land makkelijker kunt vinden en benaderen. De MVP’s wereldwijd kunnen elkaar ook beter bereiken en ook dat is goed nieuws. Ik ben er in ieder geval erg blij mee.Embarcadero MVP