Auto start Delphi XE5 Android App after boot

In good ol’ DOS days we could start an application after boot by adding it to autoexec.bat. Under Windows you can add a program to startup using the registry or view startup programs with msconfig.

But how does this work under Android?

Automatically starting a Delphi XE5 Android app after the device has booted up can be done by creating a broadcast receiver that listens to the BOOT_COMPLETED broadcast intent.

This article descibes the steps necessary to create such a broadcast receiver with Delphi XE5:

  • create a new Delphi XE5 Android project
  • set uses permissions to receive boot completed
  • modify AndroidManifest.template.xml to let the Android system know you have a broadcast receiver
  • write some Java code
  • add it to the classes.dex
  • use this new classes.dex in your project
  • run the app on device

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