Delphi Web Service articles in Blaise Magazine

Two of my Delphi web service articles have been published in Blaise Pascal Magazine and a third one is coming up.

This series of articles is about writing your own web services server and client in Delphi. The approach of all articles is pragmatic. The first article introduces some of the concepts you need to know and shows you how to create and consume your own web service in Delphi. This second article shows you how to update the data in the web service and how to create in-memory storage for the web service. There is even some JavaScript that shows you how to use the web service from a HTML page.

Creating a web service is a simple and straightforward way to share Delphi application data with third-party software vendors. It’s easy to create one, and it supports the standard features of REST web services with industry standard JSON.

Blaise Pascal Magazine appears 10 times a year, each issue has at least 100 pages with articles on Delphi and Lazarus. The latest issue is #93, as noted with Web Service Part 2 Storage by Danny Wind, but also with ORM in kbmMW #3 Copying a table from one database to another by Kim Bo Madsen. The best choice for getting your Blaise Pascal Magazine issues is a subscription.

Blaise Meetup – 9 maart 2019 IJsselstein

Wat een leuke locatie voor een Meetup, een gezellige lunchroom op de doelenstraat 12  in hartje IJsselstein Bij deze Meetup mocht ik het maken van HTML5 Web Apps en WebBroker Micro Services laten zien in Delphi, terwijl Mattias Gärtner de Michael van Canneyt de technieken in Lazarus lieten zien.

Het was een erg gezellige groep met developers uit Nederland, België en Duitsland, dank je voor jullie leuke vragen en enthousiasme.

Voor de deelnemers, de sources en slides kun je via dit artikel downloaden. Let wel dat er twee regels moeten worden aangepast voor compatibiliteit met de nieuwere releases van TMS Webcore.