Delphi XE8 Android SDK

How do you install the Android SDK in Delphi XE8?

The Android SDK is not installed completely after you’ve installed Delphi XE8, as it was in previous Delphi versions. This has something to with the licensing terms, or whatever, but it is quite easy to get the Android SDK up and running.

The best and easiest way is this one:

  • create a new empty multi-device application from the Delphi IDE
  • in the project manager activate Android as a target platform
  • then hit Project | Build

The Delphi IDE will ask you

“Android SDK tools are required. Do you want to download and install Android SDK tools automatically?”.

Click Yes and agree to the Android SDK terms of use, and you’re good to go. Please note that you do not need to have an Android device connected during this install procedure.

As an alternative method you could use the Android SDK manager to install the required packages manually, but this requires you to select all the correct packages manually.