2020 space space 2021 space !

To me 20 20 was space space, but 20 21 will be space !

Some space ! events coming up:

The inaugural launch of NASA’s Space Launch System, then back to the Moon in 2024 and to Mars?

SpaceX Serial number 9 (SN9) is up next – going up in orbit, Mars, here we come!

Perseverance will be doing some extra scouting for us, countdown to landing on Mars…

Happy space ! everyone

Delphi 10.4.1 Apple Platforms Patch (December update)

De update patch voor de nieuwe Apple Platforms is ververst en opnieuw beschikbaar. Eerder was in november al de patch met support voor XCode 12, iOS 14 en macOS Big Sur uitgekomen. Deze december patch vervangt deze en fixt enkele bugs in de DataSnap ClientDataSet en in DBX en lost tevens enkele linker errors op als je build naar iOS14.

Beschikbaar via GetIt en als losse download. Let wel dat je de download hebt vanaf 18 december. Mocht je eerder op 16 december een download hebben gedaan, update deze dan met de versie van 18 december, anders heb je een oude versie van PAServer. Dit is in de zip eenvoudig te herkennen door de file datums van na 16 december.

Downloaden van deze patch via het registered users portal:

Spice up your Delphi application with online image content – 8 december 09:15

Move beyond the confines of your application and add online content in
just 50 lines of code.

Join us with Alister Christie from New Zealand for this live Q&A and webinar on scraping the web for live and always up-to-date art work in your Delphi application.

In this session Alister shows you how to spice up your application with image content scraped from the WikiMedia website. Technologies used in this session are NetHTTP, JSON, Regular Expressions and XML storage with the ClientDataSet. At the end Alister goes down the rabbithole to add additional compatibility with a missing JPEG format in the VCL. Just for fun!

After this workshop you can easily use the code to create your own web crawler or scraper to add online content to your application. Please make sure the media you scrape can be used freely.

Register here:

The Q&A at 09:45 will be handled by Alister (for him its 21:45), so this is a chance to meet him live online. I’ll be there as well.