Code Faster in Delphi by Alister Christie

Code Faster in Delphi by Alister ChristieHave you ever wondered what an experienced Delphi developer knows about how to code in Delphi? Particularly how to code FASTER in Delphi? This book has you covered!

Alister kindly invited me to read pre-press versions of this book and having seen it evolve into what it is now, I can only say it’s absolutely worth your time. In fact, you’ll probably regain the time spent reading this book in the first week after, when you apply its knowledge. It’s probably a Timey-Wimey kind of thing where you gain more time by using some time.

Alister Christie is a writer, but also an experienced Delphi developer and trainer and overall good guy. When we visited his family home in New Zealand his enthusiasm and vibrant energy combined with his kindness made it a very special experience for us.

For me this book is now a staple, a standard book every Delphi developer should have. Read it, I’m sure you’ll agree.