Delphi Update Training – 9 en 10 februari 2017

Net overgestapt naar de nieuwste Delphi versie, of al wat langer bezig met Delphi 10 Seattle of Berlin?

Kom dan naar de Delphi 10 Update Training om je kennis op te vijzelen met de nieuwe features en mogelijkheden. Op donderdag 9 en vrijdag 10 februari 2017 gaan we in Etten-Leur de mooiste, belangrijkste en nuttigste onderwerpen behandeln die Delphi erbij heeft gekregen sinds Delphi 2010. We gaan dus van Delphi 2010 naar Delphi 10.

We behandelen ondermeer Unicode, FireDAC, Parallel Programming (PPL), FireMonkey, Livebindings, maar ook advanced language features zoals Generics en anonymous methods.

Meer info en inschrijven kan hier.

Happy 2017

Happy New Year!

With Linux support coming this 2017 it will definitely be a happy new year. What it will bring is support in Delphi for Linux for server-side applications, such as Datasnap and/or REST servers, either running under Apache or as an application. The relevant RTL functionality will all be there, but no User Interface stuff.

And this is great, because it will allow us to deploy web services to Linux Apache servers, and it will also support one of our use cases; deploying low cost, ultra low power, micro servers that are placed at multiple locations inside building.

Keep in mind that if you are running something commercial on a Linux server, MySQL (MySQL Pricing) might be more expensive than you think, because of the licensing model that MySQL uses since Oracle acquired it. Interbase (Interbase pricing) may actually be a better and more affordable solution.

It will be a great 2017!