Delphi 10 Seattle Trainingen in November

Nieuwsgierig geworden naar Delphi 10 Seattle en je wilt ermee beginnen? Ga dan naar de Delphi 10 Seattle VCL Essentials training op 4, 5 en 6 november. Details en inschrijving via:

Ben je al ervaren in Delphi, maar wil je verder met FireMonkey en Android App ontwikkeling, dan is de FIreMonkey/Android Power training iets voor jou, op 19 en 20 november. Details en inschrijving via:


Happy Birthday Delphi

Today Delphi turns 19. Last year has been pretty exciting for her, with XE4 iOS and XE5 with Android support. This year she’ll make some nice visits home in Windows VCL, with many good things to come.
Talking about VCL, don’t miss the Delphi Boot Camp which is all about VCL, here in the Netherlands:
Happy Birthday Delphi!

we made Tarte Tatin

we made Tarte Tatin