Best Delphi Android development device

What is the best phone or tablet to use when developing Delphi apps for Android?
This is a recurring question on conferences and workshops. My short answer is “any of the Google Nexus phones or tablets”. These are Google’s developer devices with special features.

Please note that the choice of devices for end-users of the app you write in Delphi just about spans the entire Android market, and is in no way limited to Nexus or Pixel devices. You can basically run Delphi Android apps on almost any modern Android device; more about that later.

The best Delphi Android development device should have the following characteristics:

The Nexus / Pixel line of devices supports all of the above, whilst also pushing ahead with the latest hardware features.

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DAPUG Denmark – October 2016

Jens Fudge very kindly invited me as a speaker on the DAPUG workshop on October 25 and 26. I was honoured and I will do my best to make my presentations live up to the expectations of the DAPUG members.

On these two days I will talk about the expanding world of Delphi. Delphi is no longer just a desktop development platform for Windows, but for a while now has allowed their developers to build apps and applications for iOS, Android, Mac and soon Linux. But it is even expanding beyond that with built-in support for Bluetooth LE devices on all platforms as well as IoT components to interact with physical devices like lights, locks, and many other IoT devices. Delphi definitely is “One source to rule them all”.

The details of the program for these two days is listed here:

Nick and DavidI have new jobs

As DavidI leaves Embarcadero to start working at Evens Data, Nick Hodges joins the Embarcadero team.

@DavidI, congratulations on your new job as Vice President of Developer Communities at Evans Data. I will miss having you on the Delphi and C++ Builder team. You can see a video of DavidI talking about developer relations on this page.

@Nick Hodges, congratulations on your new job as Product Management Lead at Embarcadero. Welcome back!

Delphi Festival Utrecht – 20 september 2016

Delphi 10.1 Berlin, met de Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Preview van Delphi back-end software op Linux, VCL updates, mobiele toepassingen, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, PDF printing, MARS en REST, Spring4D en een kijkje in de Embarcadero R&D Labs. Er is zoveel te zien dat je je geen moment zult vervelen.

De sprekers zijn Pawel Glowacki, Mattias Gartner, Boian Mitov, Girish Patil, Vladimir Andretsov, Marco Geuze, Stefan Glienke, Andrea Magni, Bruno Fierens, Danny Wind en Olaf Monien.

Meer info en inschrijven:
Delphi Festival Utrecht – 20 september

Delphi Benelux 2016 Congress 26 mei 2016

Dit wordt weer iets bijzonders, in het Evoluon in Eindhoven.

Stephen Ball is er bij met Interbase en Visual Livebindings sessies. Als je nog vragen had over Interbase, Stephen is de expert. Paweł Głowacki laat alle nieuwe features zien van Delphi 10.1 Berlin en heeft hiervoor enkele fraaie demos geschreven. Bob Swart heeft twee leuke sessies; upgrade VCL naar Delphi 10.1 Berlin en database programming met FireDAC. Zelf heb een sessie over IoT Home Automation, waar ik de Vera Plus hub gebruik met Delphi. Deelnemers krijgen de nieuwe Fibaro Wall Plug software component om het Fibaro stopcontact die in NL makkelijk verkrijgbaar is aan te sturen. Verder een sessie over multi-tier met een RESTful API, waarin ik o.a. laat zien hoe je in Delphi een full compliant REST server kunt maken met GET/PUT/POST/DELETE. Als afsluiter een sessie over Bluetooth Beacons, waarbij ik enkele Raspberry Pi 3’s inzet als flexibele en remote controllable Beacons.

Meer info en inschrijven:

Wow, I’m MVP of the week!

Wow, I’m MVP of the week! A great big thank you to all you guys out there, this is really something.

Had a very nice podcast chat with Jim McKeeth on all things Delphi, that brought back some memories. It was great fun to do.

Delphi is just the greatest development tool, now even more than ever. What other development tool do you know that compiles your application with one framework and one source code to Windows, Mac, Android and iOS?

Delphi 10.1 Berlin

Delphi 10.1 Berlin has been released today!

This release has lots of useful new features, small and large. Such as asynchonous dialogs in Windows and OSX (ShowMessage is now async in OSX), support in the IDE for Android Smartwatch apps, support for Android 6.0, IoT devices, and much more.

FireUI Live Preview wil give you an actual preview of how your application will look when actually run on the target operating system. Not only very cool, but also very useful.

Also many small (and not so small) bugfixes. For instance in the way TTask internally handles WaitForAll. The bugfix there now correctly handles many small Tasks switching back and forth. Not something you are likely to encounter, but good to have fixed nonetheless. A thank you to Allen Bauer for fixing this.

For the full list of new things take a look at Whats New in Delphi 10.1 Berlin. We will also demonstrate these new features at the Delphi Benelux 2016 Congress on the 26th of May in the Evoluon in Eindhoven, where Pawel Glowacki, Bob Swart, Stephen Ball and Danny Wind will show you how to use all these new goodies.

PASCON 19 maart 2016

De volgende PASCON is alweer heel dichtbij, op zaterdag 19 maart. Het wordt een  uitdagende dag met begrijpelijke uitleg van complexe onderwerpen zoals Generics, Kunstmatige Intelligentie (David Dirkse) en Threading met de PPL (Danny Wind).

Over het stukje PPL (Parallel Programming Library)  kan ik wat meer vertellen; hier laat ik enkele eenvoudig toepasbare usage patterns zien die je direct kunt gebruiken in je eigen Delphi code om je code vlot en responsive te laten reageren. Onder andere een pattern voor Task Resource Handling, en Task Monitoring, maar ook netjes afhandelen van Task Canceling.

Meer info hier, en toegang is gratis: