Build an auctioning software suite… in one day

On March 12th in Brussels and on March 5th in Hoofddorp Barnsten is hosting a free event in which you will see how to use the power of Delphi to create a fully functional auctioning software suite in just one day.

During this day Pawel Glowacki and I will make all software live, combining the power of VCL with that of FireMonkey. For the backoffice, AWS S3 Cloud storage, REST, FireDac JSON Reflection, Interbase and EC2. We will also make the frontend, an Android app for Auction Masters to add items for bidding (REST + Cloud) and an Android app that attendees can use to actually bid on the items (REST + EC2). Bluetooth LE is used as well, to do over-the-air authorization. There is even some parallel programming involved, don’t worry we’ll keep it light. The day will be concluded with a live auction, allowing you to do virtual bids using the Android app just created.

For Brussel, more info here:
For Hoofddorp, more info here:

CodeRage 9 – Parallel Programming Library: Create Responsive Apps with Tasks, Futures and Parallel Loops

Parallel Programming Library: Create Responsive Apps with Tasks, Futures and Parallel Loops must be the longest title I ever used for a session. I hope you found this introduction into parallel programming with the new TTask, TTask.Future en TParallel.For loop useful.

The replays of this and other sessions of Coderage 9 are now available on YouTube here:

Source code for this session is available here:

As a last minute note: when using Synchronize inside a TTask.Run AND using TTask.WaitForAll from the main thread there is potential for deadlock as they will then wait for each other. Although it is safe to use Synchronize inside a Task if you only use WaitForAll from inside Task.Run, as demonstrated in the example TaskChaining, it is often better to use TThread.Queue, which doesn’t halt the thread it’s called from and is therefore generally safer.